[8 June 2018] Vortex Series

It’s already the start of another month! MIRROR has just finished our one-month stay at Cata Odata (in Ubud, Bali), where we progressed even further on our newest Vortex series. We’re getting the hang of creating our artwork on the go…. both with large-scale canvases (>1m in length), and smaller canvas sheets that can be rolled up.

Some results of our one-month efforts:



Busy painting!

[26 May 2018] Planet Samudra

Hello! We spent a great 2 weeks in April by the beach in Bintan, Indonesia, at a place called Planet Samudra, painting intensively. The owner Michel is himself an avid nature-lover and artist, and the entire home vicinity was peppered with minimalist sculptures created from found objects (eg. beautiful driftwood washed up from the sea, shells), and his own paintings. Much inspiration to be found from our surroundings!


Some of our work-in-progress. We were inspired to begin our second series, nicknamed “Vortex“:



The ever-changing, amazing seascapes throughout our stay:



And, finally! Taking stock back in Singapore:22 04 picnik (9).jpg

We have also done an artist feature post on Michel’s artwork, here.

P.S. We will miss the kittens for sure…..


Till next time!

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